What Do Russian People Look Like?

The features of Russian people vary according to region and specific ethnicity. According to genealogists, ethnic Russians have a similar appearance to Poles, Ukrainians and Slovenians, with predominantly light skin, thin lips, narrow brows and broad-tipped, protruding noses. Russian hair color is typically ash brown or dark blond with either a straight or slightly wavy texture. Curly hair is less common in ethnic Russians. Their height is usually average or above-average.

Northern and Southern Russians have some physical differences in their features because of their ancestry. Northern Russians have more Finnish heritage and features, and Southern Russians have more German heritage and features. Common ancestors include eastern Slavic countries. Southern Russians are typically darker than Northern Russians; dark hair and eye color is more common in Southern Russians. Prominent cheek bones are more common in Southern Russians than Northern Russians, but angular facial features are common in both regions. According to Nature.com’s European Journal of Human Genetics, ethnic Russians, as a whole, are taller and heavier than Asians. Ethnic Russians have a muscular build similar to people native to other Slavic nations. The variety of physical features in Russian people is mainly dependent upon their region or origin, but Russian people are most commonly light-skinned with light hair and eyes and above-average builds.