What Is the Rushton Toy Company?

According to Atlanta Antique Gallery, the Rushton Toy Company was a toy company founded by native Atlantan Mary Rushton in 1917. The company was a family-owned and -run business, and Mary’s daughter, Wight Rushton, designed all of the toys. The company was in business until 1983.

The Rushton Toy Company had two majorly successful toy products, the At-Play toy line and hand-painted, rubber-faced dolls and animals.

The At-Play toys were made with plush rayon material, and the stuffing consisted of high-quality cotton. Unique details made the plush toys stand out. The dolls had hand-embroidered noses, felt tongues and sewn-in eyes. The trademark of the dolls was large satin bows.

The rubber-faced dolls were one of the most popular selling items for Rushton Toy Company. They were manufactured in the 1950s and 60s and have become expensive collector’s items. A variety of Rushton plush animals and rubber-faced dolls can be viewed on Pinterest, and according to Miss Bargain Huntress, many Rushton Toy Company items can be found for sale on eBay.

Other websites that have Rushton Toy Company dolls and toys for sale include Etsy.com and Time Warp Toys, which sells a large variety of vintage toys, dolls, games and action figures.