What Are the Rules of “Word Factory”?

The one basic rule of Word Factory is to list as many words as possible in three minutes. Word Play is a version of the game Big Boggle, which is distributed by the Hasbro company.

Word Factory is a simple game for two or more players. With a large number of players, it may be easier to break into teams for the competition. The game components are six-sided cubes with a letter on each side, a game board and a shaker. The rules of game play are fairly straightforward.

  1. Prepare the game board
  2. Use the shaker to mix up the letter cubes. Allow the cubes to fall into place in the letter tray. Players can take turns shaking the letters on each round.

  3. Start the timer and look for words
  4. When the timer begins, all players write down the words found on a sheet of paper. Words can be made in any direction: up, down, left, right and diagonal. Players cannot use the same letter more than once in a word. Any word that is found in a standard English dictionary is allowed.

  5. Add up the points
  6. When time is up, calculate the points. Three-letter words are worth one point, four-letter words are worth two points, five-letter words are worth three points and so on. Words with eight or more letters are worth six points. The person or team with the most points wins.