What Are Rules for Supervised Child Visitation?

Some of the supervised child rules include the visiting parent must arrive at the designated time, and inappropriate touching of the child and the use of foul language are not allowed. Visitation rules are often explained to all parents or anyone visiting prior to the visit, notes EZ Supervised Visitations.

A court may order for supervised visitations due to reasons that include reintroducing a parent after long absence, introducing a parent to a child when there has been no existing relationship or in cases of parental abduction threats. The court often orders the dates and times of visitation, notes the Judicial Branch of California.

One of the main rules of supervised visitations is that a monitor must be present at all times. This helps avoid issues such as inappropriate contact or language usage.

Service fees must be paid in full prior to the visitation. The most common mode of payment is cash. Once paid, the amount can not be refunded under any circumstance.

Visiting parents or custodians must arrive at the designated point 15 minutes before the actual meeting. They are to leave immediately after the expiration of the time allowed by the court.

Shouting or yelling at anyone within the vicinity of the meeting area is not allowed. Parents are not allowed to speak negatively about anyone with a relationship with the child.