What Are the Rules and Regulations of the Game Sipa?

Sipa, which is known by many names but is most commonly referred to as “sepak takraw,” is a Southeast Asian sport that is similar to volleyball, but the ball cannot by touched by the hands and players must instead volley using their feet, knees, chest and head. The ball is smaller than a volleyball and there are three players on each team.

Sepak takraw is a game that is played primarily in Southeast Asia. It is not an Olympic sport, but there are national teams throughout Asia that compete both within the country and internationally. The following are the basic rules for the game:

Start the game with a coin toss

The game is started with a coin toss to determine which team will serve first and which side each team will be on.

Serve to the other team

One team member tosses the ball to the server, who must kick the ball out of the area and over the net to the other team.

Volley the ball back and forth without using hands

Once the ball has been served, the teams try to volley the ball back to the opposite team’s side of the net using only their feet, legs, knees, chest and head. The ball can be touched up to three times per side, and if the ball hits the ground on a team’s side of the net, then the other team gets a point. Sets are played up to 21 points.