What Are Some Rules for Properly Displaying the American Flag?

Some common rules for the proper displaying of the American flag is that the flag should never be made to bow before anyone, and is only allowed to be flown upside down as a signal of distress, according to U.S. Flag. The flag should also never be used as a drapery for covering any type of surface, nor should it be used as a piece of clothing.

The American flag should never be used as a type of advertisement, although this is commonly overlooked as more and more companies use the print for clothing and accessory designs. The flag should also not be used as a type of advertisement for uniforms, unless as a patch for military, firemen and policeman, or positions relating to honor and service. No symbols, letters, words or figures should ever be attached or drawn upon the flag. The flag is not to be used for holding or delivering anything.

When lowering the flag from display, no part of it should ever touch the ground. The flag should be neatly folded in order to be stored as a sign of respect. The flag should also be kept clean, and when it gets to a point where it is no longer suitable to be used, it should be burned in a respectful way, never thrown away, notes U.S. Flag.