What Are the Rules of Pop-O-Matic Trouble by Milton Bradley?

While playing the Pop-O-Matic Trouble game by Milton Bradley, players push the bubble top containing numbered dice to determine how many spaces they move around the board. The rules of the game stipulate that if another player lands on your peg, you must bounce back to home, ultimately leaving you in “trouble,” according to BoardGameCentral.com.

The popular board game launches players into a bounce forward and bounce back game of chance. The game allows for four players with four pegs each. Players take turns pushing the bubble top and hopping one of their pegs across the board with the challenge of bouncing back another player to his or her home base while working to move all four pegs to the finish line. Once a player moves all four pegs to the final destination, he or she wins the game. The game’s theme revolves around hopping and popping with hopefully lots of “trouble” and laughter, according to BoardGameCentral.com. Variations of the classic board game include the electronic version, Pop-O-Matic Talking Big Trouble and a travel sized version of the game, Trouble Fun on the Run. The manufacturer has also developed themed Trouble games based on popular movies and television shows, such as Star Wars and the Smurfs.