What Are the Rules for Playing the 10,000 Dice Game?

The 10,000 Dice game is played by rolling the dice to collect points, which can then be risked by continuing to roll the dice. The game requires six standard dice to play. Players start the game “off the table,” with a score of zero. To begin, a player rolls all six dice. If the roll scores any points, the player can claim those points or set aside the scoring dice and roll the remaining dice for additional points.

Once a player has earned 1,000 points in a single turn, he is considered “on the table.” Once “on the table,” the player takes his turn either by rolling all six dice or by rolling the unused dice from the previous player. If the “on the table” player scores with the unused dice, he claims the score of the previous player plus his own roll. In 10,000 Dice, single fives are worth 50 points, and single ones are worth 100 points. A roll of three of a kind is worth 100 points times the number rolled. Three ones rolled together are worth 1,000 points. If four, five, or six of a kind are rolled, each additional die doubles the three-of-a-kind score. A straight roll of one through six is worth 1,500 points, and three pairs are worth 750 points.