What Are the Rules to Play UNO Spin?

UNO Spin is played in a similar manner to the game UNO, with the addition of spin cards and a spinning wheel that dictate actions that can change the course of the game. The first player to get rid of all cards earns points equaling the total of all cards left in opponents’ hands. Whoever scores 500 points wins the game.

There are subtle differences between the standard style of play for UNO and that of UNO Spin.

Standard rulesUNO Spin is played with 108 cards and a spin wheel. Players play by matching cards in the “Discard” pile. Cards may be matched by number, symbol or color. If players do not have cards that match, they should take a card from the “Draw” pile.

Spin rulesIf a player plays a number card with a spin pattern, the player next in line must spin the wheel and follow the indicated action.

  • Gas, food or lodging: The player draws cards until a gas, food or lodging card is found, and must keep all cards drawn.
  • Scenic view: The player is allowed to view the hand of any other player.
  • Cash machine: The player draws cards until a green card is found. All drawn cards must be kept.
  • Phone call: The player asks each opponent for a wild card until one is found or all players have been asked but nobody has a wild card.
  • UNO Spin: All players shout “UNO Spin” and the first to do so can discard one card.
  • Escalator: The player discards one card of each color.
  • Taxi, boat or plane: The player can discard all vehicle cards.
  • Luggage: The player can discard all cards of one color.
  • Recycle: The player must recycle all cards by discarding them and drawing an equal number.