What Are the Rules for Mormon Women?

Guidelines for Mormon women include their conduct, dress code and roles as wives and mothers, as well as their roles in the church. Mormon women do not serve in the priesthood of the church. Mormon women do, however, run their own organization, known as The Relief Society, within the church.

Mormon women are expected to maintain a certain level of modesty in their actions and appearances. Dresses and skirts are preferred for worship services and church activities, but pants are not prohibited. Shoes are flat, close-toed and plain, and they are worn with leggings. Accessories are kept to a minimum, with guidelines such as one pair of earrings or one necklace, and any type of wedding band or engagement ring. Cosmetics are permitted, but are kept as neutral-looking as possible, with no bright or unnatural colors.

The roles of men and women complement each other. It is said Mormon women walk beside their husbands, not behind or in front of them. Mormon women nurture the children, while the men protect and provide for the family. Both genders help around the home and spend time with the children. Men and women come to mutual agreements when making decisions regarding their homes and their children, with neither authority ruling over the other.