What Are the Rules for the Game Left Right Center?

The rules for “Left Center Right,” also known as “LCR,” are that each player rolls one of the game’s special dice for each chip he has. He passes each chip according to the dice. When only one player holds any chips, he’s the winner.

The game is designed for three to 12 players. Each player starts the game with three chips, but they can use coins as a substitute. The players start in a circle and decide on one player to roll first. He rolls three dice, since he has three chips.

The game has a special dice, which has the letters “L,” “C” and “R” on three of its sides. The other three sides have dots. For each “L” or “R” he rolls, he passes a chip to the player on his left or right side. For each “C” he rolls, he places a chip in the center pot. For each dot he rolls, he keeps a chip.

Players always roll one dice per chip. Play proceeds to the left. If a player loses all his chips, he’s still in the game, but he doesn’t roll until another player has to pass him a chip. Once a player wins, he stops rolling and collects the chips in the center pot.