What Are the Rules for Dominoes?

David Sacks/Taxi/Getty Images

To play dominoes, first shuffle the tiles. Then, the first player plays a domino based on agreed upon criteria, and the next player connects one end of a domino on the field to the end of another domino in his hand with the same number of pips.

One way to determine the first player is by having each player draw a tile, and the player with the highest double goes first. A double is a tile with the same number of pips on both sides. Afterward, the next player is determined based on the rules that all the players agree upon. Next, the players draw tiles from all of the face-down tiles until they have reached the maximum number determined by that particular domino game.

One common rule in many domino games allows players to play a consecutive tile on the same turn if they play a double. If a player does not have a tile, they can draw a tile from the surplus of tiles left after the initial draw until they have a playable tile. Most domino games are played until one player has no tiles left over. The first player to play all of his tiles wins the game.