What Are the Rules of Bean Bag Toss?

jamphoto14/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Bean bag toss is played by throwing bean bags at an angled board, and scoring is based on where the bags land. Players alternate throwing the bean bags at the board until one person or team scores 21 points and wins the game.

Bean bag toss can be played by two or four players, and the play varies depending on the number of players. Both players throw their bags at the same board during a two-player game. The players alternate until each player has thrown four bags. The player with the highest score earns a point for the round.

Two boards are used for a four-player game. A member of each team faces each board, and each round is conducted like two two-player games. The team members combine their scores, and the team with the highest score earns a point.

The board is always a rectangle with a circle in the center. In some types of play, the board has a slot above the circle. Landing a bean bag on the board earns a player one point. Getting a bag into the circle earns the player three points, and throwing a bag into the slot earns the player five points.