What Is Routine Maintenance?

Reza Estakhrian/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Routine maintenance are the upkeep practices that an organization performs on a regular basis with an eye towards preventing harm to workers and large-scale, expensive repairs. According to Business Dictionary, routine maintenance commonly demands less skilled labor and involves tasks that protect a building, equipment, machines, a plant or a system against normal wear and tear.

Routine maintenance, also called planned maintenance, often involves scheduling, at which time machines, including computer systems, or other assets are examined, updated or tuned up. This scheduled effort may require ordering spare parts or running diagnostics. Regular maintenance like this avoids catastrophic breakdowns in equipment and allays the greater costs associated with those repairs. Additionally, these precautions enhance worker safety, especially for those operating the equipment in question.

Homeowners can perform routine maintenance as well. According to the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners should perform regular maintenance on items like gutters and roofs. Also, regularly cleaning household assets like heating and air conditioning filters, counter-tops, floors, sinks, tubs and toilets removes damaging dirt and other substances, which can permanently harm finishes and impede performance.

In sum, routine maintenance helps ensure continuous productivity. It is also necessary for keeping equipment, machines and the work environment reliably safe.