How Do You Round to the Nearest Dollar?

Casey Fleser/CC-BY-2.0

No materials are needed to round a price to the nearest dollar. The procedure takes just a few seconds and involves examining the price and making simple judgments about the numbers.

  1. Separate the price into dollars and cents

    In the hypothetical price of $18.75, the dollars portion is 18 and the cents portion is 75.

  2. Analyze the cents portion of the price

    In a price rounded to the nearest dollar, the number of cents is always 0. When there are 50 to 99 cents in the pre-rounded price, round up. When there are fewer than 50 cents in the pre-rounded price, round down.

  3. Add one to the dollars if necessary

    Increase the number of dollars in the rounded price by one when rounding up. Do not change the number of dollars when rounding down. The example price of $18.75 rounds up to $19. To illustrate the rounding process more fully, $18.50, $18.90 and $18.99 all round up to $19. On the other hand, $18.01, $18.25 and $18.49 all round down to $18.