What Does the Rose Symbolize?

vitapix/E+/Getty Images

Roses are most commonly associated with love. As a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite and her great love, Adonis, the rose symbolizes eternal love but may also represent beauty or balance. The number of petals on a rose can be related to numerology while the thorns represent loss, defense and thoughtlessness. Roses can be used as a symbol of romantic promise, hope and new beginnings.

Different colors of roses may be used to symbolize different things. White roses can be used to represent innocence, purity and mysticism. They may also be used to indicate a secret admirer. Yellow roses are indicative of joy and a mature love. They can also be used to guard against jealousy in a romantic relationship.

Black roses are often used as a symbol of mourning or as a memorial. They indicate death and the act of saying goodbye. Red roses are most commonly associated with romantic love and passionate romance. They are also a symbol of sacrifice. Blue roses serve as a symbol of the impossible or unattainable. Pink roses are indicative of first love, innocence and healing.

The state of the rose, whether it is open in full bloom, closed or appears as a bud, can be used to symbolize the status of a relationship or situation. An open bloom indicates a mature relationship, while the bud rose is for new beginnings and a closed rose indicates a relationship that has come to an end.