Who Is Ronnie Mac?

Ronnie Mac is a self-proclaimed professional Motocross rider. Because he has never participated in an event and his face is fully covered in all of his online videos, it is suggested that he is a personality created and used by several well-known professional Motocross riders as a joke.

Ronnie Mac first caught the attention of fans when a video of him was posted on Youtube in November of 2008. He soon endeared himself to fans despite, or perhaps because of, his crass nature and reckless riding style. Riding an unofficial number 69, Ronnie Mac has declined to show his face to fans or commentators, causing rumors about that he is just a fictional character. Mac himself has long denied these charges. Because of his known associations with fellow professional Motocross riders Greg and Jimmy Albertson, Brett Cue and Trey Canard, fans have suggested that one of these men or all of them at different times could be pretending to be Ronnie Mac because of a lost bet or as an elaborate joke. Regardless of whether he is an actual rider or just a created personality, Ronnie Mac’s popularity continues to grow. He is currently signed with popular Motocross brand Flying Machine Factory as a rider and possesses his own social networking page on Facebook.