What Is the Role of an Umpire in Badminton?

The umpire has several roles in the game of badminton, such as making sure that the match follows the rules and regulations set by the Badminton World Federation, the Laws of Badminton and any other rules associated with a particular match. The umpire also has authority over the match and is in charge of the court and its vicinity.

The umpire is responsible for making calls associated with faults, such as if the service is not correct, if the shuttle is caught on the net and remains there or if the shuttle is hit by the receiver’s partner. The umpire makes calls if the shuttle lands outside the boundary lines, doesn’t pass over the net, touches the side walls or the ceiling or passes under the net.

In badminton, a let can be called by the umpire to halt play in certain situations, such as if the server serves before the receiver is ready, if the base of the shuttle is dismantled and separates from the shuttle or any unforeseen situation takes place. A let can also be called if the shuttle is caught on the net and remains there after the service is returned or it is caught in the net after passing over the net after the service is returned.

Moreover, the umpire is responsible for any misconduct and penalties. His role also extends to making a decision about an appeal, as well as appointing line judges after consulting the referee. In addition, the umpire ensures that the players and the crowd are kept informed about the match’s progress among other duties.