What Is the Role of a Student Ambassador?

Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

North Carolina Central University defines a student ambassador as a student who is in charge of helping prospective students as well as their parents learn about the college. A student ambassador also provides tours of the campus and answers any questions that prospective students or their parents may have. Since student ambassadors are students themselves, they can give prospective students an insider’s view of college life.

Student ambassadors serve as a college’s representatives for new students. They are in charge of providing answers to all of the questions that new students may have about scheduling, social events, sports or life on campus in general. Ambassadors work closely with the admissions office to handle phone inquiries, set up tours for high schools and set up meetings between faculty members and prospective students. Ambassadors also work to help prospective students learn about the college during social events, such as an open house. An ambassador may represent the college at various conferences and at college fairs.

Ambassadors are recommended for their positions and attend developmental workshops to help them develop the skills needed to provide the services new students need. Student ambassadors sometimes wear uniforms to help prospective students locate them on campus.