How Do You Find Your Roku Link Code?

Log into a registered Roku account and check on the player section to retrieve the respective link code, according to Roku. A browser is required to facilitate access to any Roku account. However, the code can only be retrieved if the account in question is already linked.

For a situation in which a Roku link code does not show in a linked player, users are advised to go to the Help section and retrieve a new one. The code should then be entered in the Link section on the official Roku site.

It might take a while before the new code is updated in a particular account. Users are encouraged to wait for a few minutes for the updates to take place automatically.

The update may, at times, fail to take place. If this happens, restart the Roku player. This helps in refreshing the player and, consequently, prompting a successful update.

If a new Roku link code fails to work completely, reset the player as a secondary solution. Roku customer support can help with a step-by-step process of resetting the player at hand. Completely reset the Roku player by going to the Settings section and then opting for Factory Reset.