Are Roger Federer’s Parents Divorced?

Roger Federer’s parents are not divorced. Robert and Lynette Federer have been married since 1973. They met in 1970 outside Johannesburg, South Africa, where they worked for the same pharmaceuticals company, Ciba-Geigy.

Federer’s father, Robert, is Swiss. His mother, Lynette Du Rand, is South African. After falling in love, they moved to Switzerland and had Roger in 1981. Roger also has an older sister, Diana. The Federers now work for their son’s charitable foundation, which aims to help provide educational opportunities to underserved children. Roger Federer has been married since 2009 to former professional tennis player Miroslava “Mirka” Vavrinec, with whom he has four children.

Roger Federer credits his natural gift for tennis to his mother, who is also a gifted athlete. Lynette was on elite teams of several different sports throughout high school and college, but had to scale back her participation due to leg injuries.

Federer has also spoken highly of his parents’ style of parenting, and identified their support as crucial to his success. He has stated in interviews that, growing up, his parents never exerted pressure on him to succeed, but always encouraged him to pursue his passions and interests.