What Are Robots Used for Today?

BSIP/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Robots are used for a variety of purposes, including welding, handling chemicals, marine exploration and space missions. Advanced robots are designed to serve and assist people. There are other robots that mow lawns and vacuum floors.

Industrial robots are found in the manufacturing and automobile sectors. These machines cut and mold parts, conduct inspections and assemble pieces. For example, the gantry robot is responsible for such tasks as handling tools and arc welding. The articulated robot is another machine used for diecasting and applying paint.

Other robots inspect hazardous environments on behalf of humans. Underwater rovers explore marine environments. Certain robots are designated for space exploration. There are two primary types of space robots in the form of the remotely operated vehicle, otherwise known as ROV, and the remote manipulator system, also known as RMS. An ROV can function on land on or in flight, and the RMS assembles parts and serves as an anchoring mechanism for astronauts.

ASIMO is a robot designed by Honda that is meant to help the elderly and disabled. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, and it is the first robot that can walk on its own and climb steps. ASIMO is also helpful for combating fires, disarming bombs and traversing through dangerous areas. There are other wheel-based robots that navigate through hospitals and deliver records and medicine to medical personnel.