Why Is Road Safety Important?

Ditto/Image Source/Getty Images

Road safety is important, so that all drivers use roads safely and cautiously to help keep themselves, passengers, motorists and pedestrians safe. Traffic accidents are a leading cause of injury in many countries, but they can usually be avoided if drivers are careful and not distracted.

Children can be especially at risk as either pedestrians or passengers in a car. Defensive-driving practices can help keep children and adults safe. Defensive driving involves the driver thinking ahead about possible safety concerns or other issues while driving. Defensive drivers are not distracted, they do not talk or text on their cell phones, and they concentrate fully on driving. It is important for drivers to be familiar with the rules of the road and stringently adhere to these rules.

Additionally, it is important for pedestrians to know the rules of the road and to act accordingly. Pedestrians should always used marked crosswalks and only cross the road when it is safe to do so. Parents should take care to educate their children as pedestrians and future motorists. Adults should always set a good example as motorists and take care to wear their seat belts and be courteous to other drivers on the road.