What Are Some Road Rally Ideas?

One idea for a road rally is to have everyone in the group go to a restaurant, purchase and eat certain items and take pictures of the wrappers or containers. Another idea is to go to any other store and make another purchase while performing some sort of funny motion. Save the receipts and wrappers, and take pictures of the event.

Rallies are events where adults get together in groups and perform a series of adventure-seeking or problem-solving tasks to compete against a number of other groups. There are several steps along the way to the finish line, and each step gives the team another set of clues or tasks to perform on the journey. Once a problem is solved or an adventure is completed, the team is given another task or problem to solve. Each team participating in a rally usually consists of two to four players. The entire rally set may take a few hours to complete. Rallies are ways for groups of individuals to get together for a fun event, to know each other better or to perform team-building activities. Examples of groups that may use rallies are friends, businesses, coworkers, neighborhood residents, churches and school groups.