Where Are Rieker Shoes Made?

Rieker Shoes are made at a number of different factories around the world including Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan and China. The company has its home office in Switzerland and its main factory in Southern Germany where the firm first began in 1874.

Rieker Shoes are manufactured primarily in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company makes shoes, sandals and boots in an ever-changing array of styles. The business makes thousands of pairs of shoes every year to cater to the many retail distribution points Rieker works with on a regular basis.

Rieker Shoes are manufactured to fit women and are therefore specifically designed to be lighter, more durable, flexible and roomier than traditional types of footwear. The shoe lines distributed by Rieker focus on reflexology and therefore are constantly being redesigned. To that end, Rieker employs specialists and footwear designers around the world both at manufacturing locations and at the home office in Switzerland.

These shoes are made by machine with minimal human detailing. This keeps prices low and allows for uniformity in products. Manufacturing locations in Europe experience more rapid turnover and higher demand as they are closest to Rieker’s main distribution points. Making shoes in Germany and Switzerland gives the company more direct control over its market.