How Do You Get Rid of Wood Mites?

To eliminate mites in the outdoors, identify the specific type of mite that has infested the area. Standard pesticides are often used to control some types of mites, while other species can be controlled by spraying garden plants with water. Getting rid of wood mites may require several applications of pesticide.

  1. Identify the specific type of mite

    Many different types of mites live in damp wood, and mites’ colors can range from white to red. If possible, identify the specific type of mite living on the property to ensure the proper treatment is used to eliminate the infestation.

  2. Spray the affected area with water

    Use a sprayer end on a garden hose to remove mites from edible garden plants. The water spay should be powerful enough to knock the mites off the plant. The water typically doesn’t kill the mites, but can reduce the mite population in a specific area.

  3. Apply pesticides to the area

    Red harvest mites, spider mites and some other types of wood mites can be eliminated using pesticides. Apply a standard pesticide, such as malathion or cyfluthrin, to the area. Neem and insecticide soaps are also effective treatments that can eliminate most types of outdoor mites.