How Do You Get Rid of Virginia Creeper?

Virginia creeper grows quickly, choking out the plants in your garden. The vine isn’t easy to kill, but it can be eliminated with the right materials, including a strong weed killer.

  1. Gather your tools and materials

    To kill a Virginia creeper, use gardening gloves, a handsaw or pruning saw, a shovel and the weed killer glyphosate. You find glyphosate in products like Roundup.

  2. Find the base of the plant

    Find one the Virginia creeper’s vines, and follow it back to the base.

  3. Pull or cut the plant

    Pull young plants from the ground with your gloved hands. Cut mature vines at the base with your saw. Leave a bit of the plant’s stalk above the ground.

  4. Spray base with glyphosate

    Spray the cut portion of the vine’s base liberally with glyphosate. If you have purchased a chemical that requires dilution, follow the instructions on the container to dilute the chemical. Paint the diluted glyphosate onto the plant’s base with a sponge or foam brush.

  5. Repeat for every plant

    If you have more than one Virginia creeper in your yard, repeat this process for every plant. Keep any creepers you want under control by clipping back new growth once a year.