How Do You Get Rid of Salamanders?


To get rid of a salamander infestation, reduce exterior food sources, spray insect killer around the interior of the home, apply salamander repellents and spray salamander repellent spray around the exterior of the home. It can take several weeks or months to reduce the salamander population around your home. Salamanders are harmless creatures, but an infestation can lead to salamanders nesting within the home.

  1. Stop their food supply

    Reduce the salamander food supply outdoors by spraying for insects. Treat the foundation and landscape with an insect killer that does not harm your plants. Most insect killers last up to four weeks and eradicate the food supply for the salamanders.

  2. Spray for insects indoors

    Spray insect killer in the cracks and crevices of your home. The spray kills insects and irritates salamanders, which many convince them to leave the area. Keep the insect spray on-hand to control the insect population indoors.

  3. Apply salamander repellents

    One day after treating the home’s exterior, place salamander repellents around the home. Natural, low-impact granules produce a displeasing odor to salamanders. Place the granules throughout your yard and in the places that you have seen the salamanders. Salamanders make nests in damp locations, such as wood chip piles, so be sure to apply granules in damp locations.

  4. Add salamander repellent spray

    Over the top of the granules, spray salamander repellent. Spray the sides of the home, behind gutters, in downspouts and behind exterior structures. The treatment lasts for two weeks. Once the salamanders have left the area, the treatment is good for two months.