How Do I Get Rid of Hedgehogs?

Sir Francis Canker Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Getting rid of hedgehogs typically involves setting traps or catching them with gloves. In some places, hedgehogs are considered pests, as they eat the native wildlife, which lowers biodiversity in the given region.

Hedgehogs can be caught using a tunnel design trap in which the trap is disguised within a wooden tunnel. These tunnels are then placed on natural avenues the hedgehog may travel. These avenues can include fence lines, along hedges or alongside a fallen tree. Placing the trap in this way eliminates the possibility of the hedgehog going around the trap, as it must enter the tunnel or turn back to continue along the avenue. The trap should be baited with either a mixture of cat or dog food, fresh chicken or eggs with the shells still on.

If a hedgehog is spotted, it should be approached as calmly as possible with no sudden movements. Hedgehogs’ eye sight is not particularly good, however they are able to notice quick, jerky movements rather well; such movements may startle the hedgehog, causing it to flee. Either rubber or cloth gloves should be used when handling a wild hedgehog. Once caught, the hedgehog should be placed in a high sided box in preparation for relocation.