How Do I Get Rid of Ground Wasps?

To treat a ground wasp infestation, identify the specific species of insect living on the property, and treat the nest with soapy water or pesticide if the insect is a type of wasp. The treatment may require several days to eliminate the wasps completely.

  1. Identify the insects’ nesting area

    Determine the exact species of wasp on the property, and identify the insect’s nesting area before choosing the appropriate treatment.

  2. Pour soap and water into the nest entrance

    To treat a wasp nest with soapy water, mix a cup of liquid soap, such as dish detergent, with a cup of water. Pour the mixture directly into the nest entrance, or use a garden sprayer and spray the nest entrance with the mixture. Wear protective clothing when treating the nest.

  3. Apply pesticide to the nest

    If soapy water does not kill the wasps, use a commercial pesticide. Some pesticides that effectively eliminate wasp infestations include carbaryl, chlorpyrifos and diazinon. Powdered pesticide is often recommended for the treatment of ground wasps.

  4. Reapply pesticides as needed

    Observe the nest for signs of activity. If wasps are flying into or out of the nest several days after the initial treatment, reapply the insecticide or contact a professional exterminator.