How Do You Get Rid of a Burnt Taste in Food?

Alan Thornton/Stone/Getty Images

By gathering the unburned part of your food and using additional ingredients to mask that “burnt” taste, you can transform your burnt food into a delightful meal. Tomato, Worcestershire sauce and other spices work great to hide any burnt flavors.

  1. Rescue the unaffected parts

    If you burned the bottom of a soup or stew, carefully pour the unburned portion into a clean pot without disturbing the bottom. For other dishes, try to remove as much of the burnt portion as possible.

  2. Add masking ingredients

    You can gradually add a small amount of sugar to soups or stews until the burnt taste is gone. Tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce or spices can often save slightly burnt meat.

  3. Transform the dish

    If a cut of meat is partially burnt and cannot be rescued, consider chopping it up, removing the burnt portion and making it into a stir fry or pasta dish. Whole burnt pieces of food can often be cut into pieces and transformed into another dish.