How Do You Get Rid of Big Flies in Your House?

Paul Lucas/CC-BY-2.0

To get rid of big flies, thoroughly clean your home, paying special attention to your kitchen. Ensure that there are no open waste disposal containers, repair broken window screens, and seal off all openings that allow flies to enter your home. Use basic fly traps, fly bait or insecticide sprays to kill the adult flies in your home.

  1. Clean your house

    Proper sanitation is crucial, as flies are attracted to waste and refuse. Keep your kitchen as clean as possible, making sure that food is never left out for extended periods of time, and ensure that the garbage cans in your home are kept tightly sealed at all times. Avoid leaving out dog food or cat food.

  2. Seal off any openings to your home

    Prevent adult flies from entering your home by repairing any torn or ripped window screens and sealing off any openings to your house. Never leave doors or unscreened windows open.

  3. Kill the adult flies

    Eliminate the big adult flies already in your home by using fly baits or fly traps or applying insecticide. ePestSupply recommends using insecticide products containing pyrethrums such as Riptide and CB 80 Pyrethrum Aerosol. An old-fashioned fly swatter is a simple, effective tool for killing flies.