How Do You Get Rid of Bees in Siding?

To get rid of bees in siding, insecticide must be applied around areas where bees are entering or exiting. Honey bees are typically removed by rehoming the hive, rather than killing the bees.

Aggressive bees can be eliminated by filling a squirt bottle powdered insecticide. The powder is then squirted into the entrances used by the insects. Treating bee infestations after dusk minimizes the risk of swarms.

Wearing a bee suit and using a smoker is the best method to remove a nest of honey bees. The exterior siding is removed to expose the honeycomb, then as much of the honeycomb is removed as possible. The honeycomb and bees can be stored in a commercial hive until it can be delivered to a local beekeeper. Once the nest has been removed, dead bees must be removed, and the siding and exposed wall must be cleaned with soapy water before replacing the siding.