How Do You Get Rid of Bees That Are Nesting in the Ground?

Cheyenne Montgomery/Moment/Getty Images

To get rid of ground-nesting bees, locate the nest entrances, apply pesticide powder to the entrances after dark, and rake the soil to destroy the nest. Apply additional pesticide to the affected area after raking, and cover the exposed dirt to prevent future bee infestations.

To determine the exact location of the bee’s nest, look for cylindrical piles of loose dirt that feature a hole in the center. Nests are typically located on southern-facing, sloped areas of the property and in areas where exposed soil is present. Apply a commercial pesticide powder that is recommended for bee removal to all nest entrances. To prevent stings, wear a bee keeper’s suit or other protective clothing, and apply the pesticide after dusk.

After treating the entrances with the insecticide powder, gently rake over the area with the back of a rake, and apply additional pesticide powder to the top layer of soil in the affected area. Cover any exposed dirt with sod or mulch after the bee activity in the area ceases, and avoid planting new crops in the treated area for at least two weeks. To prevent and eliminate nests in garden beds, water the soil frequently. If the bees are located in a secluded area, consider allowing the bees to remain on the property, as many bee species are beneficial.