What Is a Ricotta Salata Substitute?

A good substitute for ricotta salata is feta cheese, according to Fine Cooking. Ricotta salata is a cheese that originated in Sicily, Italy and is made from sheep milk. The whey is used to make ricotta salata.

This firm-textured cheese does not have a rind and is salted, pressed and aged for a few months. Ricotta salata is suitable for grating or crumbling over many dishes.

Feta is a good substitute for ricotta salata because it is also made from sheep’s milk and has a salty taste. The main difference between these two cheeses is that feta’s salty flavor comes from the brine process used to age it.

When substituting grated feta for grated ricotta salata, Fine Cooking advises soaking the feta cheese in cold water for about an hour before adding it to your dish.