What Do Reviews Say About Headway Tires?

Headway tires received 2 stars out of 5, as reviewed by the website simpletire.com. The Headway HH201 was found to provide good traction and low road noise, but tread life was short.

The most common remark offered in customer reviews of Headway tires, as found on Calibex.com, is that these tires perform well for the money. Some other reviewers complained of poor handling in wet or icy conditions. Scores for comfort and tread life were lower as well. All reviews were based on car tires, although Headway does produce truck tires as well.

Headway tires are a Chinese made product and are considered a budget tire. The main criticism of all tires made in China is the lack of performance and safety standards. Many automotive experts recommend avoiding Chinese made tires altogether.