Are Reviews of Sailun Tires Generally Favorable?

Sailun tires receive both favorable and unfavorable reviews. The type of review seems to depend on the vehicle the tires are being installed on and the driving habits of the owner.

A majority of the reviews on Sailun tires seem to be negative. Many reviews state that they are a Chinese brand and that is the quality the buyer gets. Most people seem to believe that the tires are a budget model that comes with budget performance.

Reviewers point out several issues that they have had with the tires. They say that the tires make very loud humming sounds when driven on highways. They say that the tires do not grip well on wet surfaces. Reviewers also say that the tires do not last as many miles as expected or stated by Sailun.

The reviewers that gave Sailun tires good reviews tend to point out some of the bad characteristics as well. They often say that the tires are a good budget model for the money and perform as they expected, which tends to be a budget level performance.