Are Reviews for Ironman Radial Tires Generally Positive?

Reviews for Ironman radial tires are generally positive. The Hercules Ironman A-P Tire has good reviews from users on 1010 Tires and Simple Tires. Its average rating from both websites is 4 out of 5 stars. Within the seven subcategories, it ranks best in dry driving and worst in treadwear.

The tire handles well in snow and rain, according to multiple 1010 Tire reviews. One user mentions that they are quieter than his previous tires. One 1010 Tire reviewer complains about excessive treadwear after only 10,000 miles.

The Ironman tire ranks best for dry driving and worst for treadwear on the Simple Tire review. Many users on the Subaru Forester discussion board have not heard of the Ironman tire. Those who have heard of it have a largely positive experience. One user says that they work well in all common road conditions, including dirt roads. After 20,000 miles, the user does not complain about treadwear.

Reviews on the Alfa Owner forum are more negative. Most users have not heard of the brand and do not trust it. Both drivers who own Ironman tires complain about the noise level. One reviewer says that his Ironman tires caused him to skid uncontrollably on a wet road.