Are Reviews of Dream Weaver Carpets Generally Positive?

Most reviews and complains about Dream Weaver Carpets Industries are negative, according to reviews and complaints made with the Better Business Bureau. One customer states his carpet arrived with a bad odor. The customer sent a sample to the company, but his request for a replacement was denied.

One customer on BBB was satisfied with the way Dream Weaver Carpets Industries handled his complaint, though details of this complaint are not available for public viewing. Three of the six complaints on the BBB website have to do with guarantee or warranty issues. Issues with carpets cited include loss of texture in short periods of time, matting down easily and inconsistencies with quality. Independent inspectors were sent to inspect these customers’ carpets, but Dream Weaver Carpets Industries denied the claims based on the inspectors’ findings.

The last two complaints are not available for public viewing. These customers filed complaints against the company. The company responded, but the customers did not answer the company’s responses, leaving the cases unresolved.