How Do You Reverse a Broken Mirror Bad Luck Curse?

Some believe the curse of seven years of bad luck that results from breaking a mirror can be reversed by burying all of the broken pieces of the mirror in the moonlight. This only works on nights when the moon is visible.

  1. Wear safety gear

    Protect yourself from cuts when handling broken glass. Wear protective gloves and shoes, and use a broom and a dust pan to sweep up the broken pieces.

  2. Put the broken pieces in a container

    Do not put the broken mirror pieces in a bag, as the glass can cut through the surface. Instead, dump all of the broken pieces in a box or another sturdy container, and close the container.

  3. Dig a hole

    Never dig on public property. Choose a location where you have legal access, and dig a hole at night when the moon is shining.

  4. Bury the box of broken pieces

    Put the box of glass in the hole and shovel the dirt on top of it until the box is completely covered. Firmly pack the dirt over the box.

  5. Leave the broken pieces alone

    If you are unable to bury the broken mirror pieces, leave the pieces where they are for seven hours, then clean up the pieces. Do this only if leaving the broken pieces does not pose a safety hazard.