How Does a Returning TaxAct Customer Sign In?

A returning TaxACT customer can sign into his account by going to the sign-in page from the company’s website and entering his User ID and password. If he forgets his User ID or password, he can click on the Forgot User ID or Password link for further help.

TaxACT customers have the ability to import information from the previous year’s tax return into the new tax year. There are two options users can choose from. The first option is to create a new return using the TaxACT deluxe or ultimate bundle. Users can click on the link to indicate that they did use Tax ACT last year. From there, users are prompted for their prior year’s user names and passwords, which are reused for the new return.

If the user has already created a new return with a different user name and password, he can import the prior year’s data by clicking Basic Information, then click Import. The user is then asked to provide the prior year’s user name and password as well as the Social Security number of the primary taxpayer. If the customer no longer has access to the email address associated with his account, he can contact TaxACT customer service with his full name and ZIP code, as well as both the old and new email addresses.