How Do You Return Equipment to AT&T?

To return equipment to AT&T, contact the AT&T customer service by calling the number listed on AT&T’s Contact Us page and explain the reason why you need to return the equipment. Find the nearest UPS Store, scan the equipment to credit it to your AT&T account, and ship it.

Navigate to, click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the home page, select the desired category, and call the number listed in the Customer Service section. As of 2015, AT&T accepts returns on account of buyer’s remorse, replacing equipment, discontinuing AT&T services and reducing the number of receivers that are part of the U-verse service. After about 48 hours, AT&T should contact you via email regarding the list of equipment you need to return.

Navigate to, click on the Find a Location link in the Featured Services section, and type your location in the Search by Location field to find the nearest UPS Store. Take your equipment to the store, provide your 9-digit AT&T billing account number, and have the store scan your equipment and credit it to your AT&T account. Once the store scans the equipment, it should provide you with a receipt and pack and ship the equipment to AT&T at no charge. To avoid unnecessary no-return charges, return the equipment within 10 days of receiving the return notice from AT&T.