What Retailers Sell Sudsy Ammonia?

Church & Dwight’s Parsons’ brand Sudsy Ammonia is not sold in any retail store, online or otherwise, as of 2016. Those interested in the product should contact the Church & Dwight company to inquire about purchasing Parsons’ Sudsy Ammonia.

From the official Church & Dwight website, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Either fill in the provided form to request information, contact by mail, or call the toll-free customer service phone number to get assistance.

A link to a product description page for Church & Dwight’s Parsons’ Sudsy Ammonia on Amazon.com states that it is no longer available and future availability is unknown. A single five-star review on Amazon.com, as of 2016, states that Sudsy Ammonia is the best household cleaner, cleans a number of surfaces, including floors and countertops, and does not leave any residue. Other ammonia products from the same brand, such as Arm & Hammer’s Parsons’ lemon-scented Ammonia All-Purpose Cleaner, are also unavailable on Amazon.com.

Additionally, a pictorial for making homemade sudsy ammonia is available on WikiHow. The three-ingredient mixture of water, concentrated ammonia and dishwashing liquid soap, is all that’s needed to make sudsy, or soapy, ammonia cleaner. Refer to the specific instructions for safety precautions.