Which Retailers Sell Ruud Hot Water Heaters?

Ruud hot water heaters can only be purchased through local independent contractors that have been authorized as a Ruud dealer as of 2015. Customers can search for local Ruud authorized dealers in their area by zip code using the search function at the top of the Ruud website. Ruud hot-water heaters may also be purchased from The Home Depot or online retailers, such as Zoro Tools or Grainger.

Ruud manufactures a wide selection of different types of residential and commercial water heating products, including gas, electric, tankless, solar and heat pump water heaters. They produce four different lines of electric water heaters: the Achiever Plus Series, Achiever Series, Table Top Series and Professional Ultra Series. The Professional Ultra Series is one of Ruud’s newer product lines, which was released in April 2015.

The Table Top Series of electric water heaters is available in a 40-gallon model, while all of the other series are available in several different sizes. The Achiever Series features a space-saving design and is available in six sizes ranging from 2.5 to 30 gallons in capacity. The Achiever Plus Series features the most sizes and options, as it is available in either tall, medium or short. The tall sizes range from 30 to 120 gallon capacities, while the short size is available in four capacities ranging from between 20 to 47 gallons.

Ruud operates as a division of the Rheem company, having been acquired by Rheem in 1953. The two names are often referred to interchangeably, and many of the same products are manufactured under both the Ruud and Rheem company labels.

As of 2015, The Home Depot lists a variety of Rheem residential hot-water heaters available for purchase online or from the brick-and-mortar store. All types of Rheem hot-water heaters include both electric and natural-gas water heaters as well as point-of-use, high-capacity or high-efficiency water heaters. Their prices range from $236 for a 30-gallon, 4500-watt, electric water heater to around $1,300 for a 98-gallon, 75,000-BTU natural-gas, hot-water heater.

For commercial models of Ruud or Rheem hot-water heaters, as of 2015, Zoro Tools website currently lists them at prices ranging from $300 to nearly $13,000 per unit. Grainger also sells a variety of commercial models for prices ranging from $1,860 to over $13,000.