What Are Some Retailers That Sell Oasis Eye Drops?

Oasis Tears eye drops can be purchased online, including at the company’s website and via Amazon.com, and at select doctor’s offices. Consumers can also place orders of the eye drops by phone.

The Oasis Tears online store is on Oasismedical.com. The site offers a variety of eye drops, including the Oasis Tears PF lubricant eye drops, Oasis Tears Plus PF eye drops and the Oasis LID & LASH gel cleanser. The eye drops are available in bottles or in separate cases of sterile disposable containers. The site also provides product sheets, a dry-eye symptom checklist, patient brochure and prescription tear pads. The files are available in PDF format and may be used or displayed in the doctor’s exam rooms and hallways.

Oasis Tears eye drops are recommended for the relief of burning due to the dryness of the eyes or discomfort cause by exposure to the sun or wind. Oasis Tears PF is indicated for mild to moderate symptoms, while Oasis Tears Plus is recommended for moderate to severe cases of dry eyes. The original Oasis Tears eye drops contain mild preservatives and are recommended for instant relief of dry eye symptoms. All three products are suitable for day and night use.