What Retailers Sell Kroil Oil?

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil is available from Amazon.com and eBay, as of 2015. Known as “The Oil That Creeps,” Kroil Oil in an 8-ounce can sells for $12.60 plus shipping on Amazon.com and for $14.19 with free shipping on eBay.

Kano Kroil Oil can loosen rusted nuts and bolts, and it can penetrate up to 1 millionth inch spaces. In addition, it also frees frozen pulleys and shafts, dissolves rust, cleans and lubricates. This oil also displaces moisture, and 480 of all Fortune 500 companies use this product.

Reviews for Kano Kroil Oil on Amazon.com are high with 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the reviewers are happy with the purchase of this oil and use it for a variety of applications. For instance, one user on Amazon.com explains that he uses the Kroil Oil on an oxygen sensor in a car. These parts are notorious for being difficult to remove, but after soaking in Kroil Oil for a couple of minutes, the sensor unscrewed with ease.

Kano Labs also sells the oil direct to customers via the company website, and even offers a risk free Kano guarantee. There are also other products available from Kano Labs that work just as well as the Kroil Oil including SiliKroil, which contains silicone, and Penephite, which contains graphite.