Which Retailers Sell 310 Shakes?

Sava Alexandru/E+/Getty Images

As of April 2015, customers purchase 310 shakes from 310Nutrition.com and Amazon.com. The company’s official website offers a more comprehensive selection of products at a lower cost than the Amazon.com store. Buyers may also call the toll-free number to place orders through 310Nutrition.com.

Customers add an item to a shopping cart and then go through a standard checkout procedure on the company’s website. One-time purchases cost more than those for preferred customers who get cheaper products and free shipping with orders. Individuals click on each product to see details, including nutrition facts, ingredients and mixing instructions.

Shakes come in four flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mocha. Each packet of protein power makes 28 shakes, and each shake contains 90 calories. The most prevalent nutrients in the product include protein, fiber and several essential vitamins. Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are added to the powder. Other products available from 310Nutrition.com include a probiotic, an appetite fighter, a cleanse powder, a metabolism booster and juice. Customers also have the option to buy a blender that mixes each shake.

Reality television star Jenni Farley of “Jersey Shore” touts these shakes regularly on her official website. Farley posts pictures of the company’s to-go bottle and the exercise challenge promulgated by 310Nutrition.com.