How Do I Restore My Netbook to Its Factory Settings?

Disable the Boot Booster, then perform the restore function from the recovery partition to reset your Netbook to factory settings. Doing so removes all previously included files and downloads. Restoring a Netbook to factory settings can help keep your information secure if you plan to sell the computer.

  1. Turn on the Netbook

    Start up the Netbook as usual, but instead of watching it load, immediately press the F2 key until the Setup Utility screen appears.

  2. Disable the Boot Booster

    Use the arrows to select the Boot tab. Click the Boot Booster option, then press Enter to disable it. Move to the last tab, then select Exit and Save Changes.

  3. Restart the Netbook

    Restart the Netbook, and press and hold F9 as the computer restarts until you see the loading screen. Click the “?” key to confirm when a message appears asking if you want to perform the operation.

  4. Wait as the process completes

    Do nothing as the restore process starts and completes. No human interaction is needed to finish the process. The computer reboots on its own and makes new configurations. The computer then automatically restarts again. At this point, the computer is now fully restored to its factory settings.