How Do You Restart Games on Facebook?

According to Facebook’s Help Community, the best way to reset a Facebook game is to remove the game and then reinstall it. If this doesn’t work, contact the game developer, or create a new, separate Facebook page to play the game.

  1. Remove the game

    To remove the game from your Facebook homepage, place the cursor over the game name to highlight it. Scroll just left of the highlighted game name, and click on the wheel that appears to edit the game settings. Select “Remove App” to delete the game.

  2. Reinstall the game

    To reinstall the game, type the name of the game in the Facebook search field. Once you find the correct game, click on the game name. Follow the instructions. The game will now be part of your Facebook experience again.

  3. Create a new account

    Some Facebook games save the data tied to a user’s account regardless of whether the game is deleted from the account. The easiest way to work around this is to create a new, independent Facebook account, and add the game to this account. The new account can be used to restart the game from the beginning.

  4. Contact the game’s developer

    Many Facebook games allow users to contact the game developers with questions. Message the developers, and they may have a way to restart the game without creating a new profile.