How Does a Responsible Citizen Promote the Common Good?

Jonathan Kitchen/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A responsible citizen promotes the common good by obeying the law, paying taxes honestly, informing himself about important political issues, volunteering in the community and respecting the rights and opinions of others. A responsible citizen is willing to sacrifice his individual interests for the collective good of the nation. He remembers his civic duties and serves his country despite any discomfort such a course might bring.

Responsible citizens obey the law. A harmonious society has order. Every citizen implicitly consents to maintaining social order by upholding the law even when he does not like it. If he believes that a law is unfair, he resorts to the political process to change the law in the manner society prescribes.

Good citizens are familiar with politics and keep the government accountable by staying on top of its latest proceedings. They wisely exercise their right vote so that able, honest men are elected to seats in government.

Responsible citizens volunteer in the community and when they see a need, they do not idly wait for someone else (like the government) to address it. They lend a hand, selflessly offering their time, effort and resources.

Responsible citizens respect the rights and opinions of others and do not use force or abuse government to silence people who have different views because such actions subvert a free society. Responsible citizens listen to others with sincerity and work with fellow citizens to find the best solution to problems.